Templates / Getting Started


Our site is set up to give you the same great quality as Colortech Inc. at cheaper prices allowing you to customize your products 24/7. The easiest way use our system is to upload an already created PDF or JPEG with .125" of bleed all the way around.

Don't have artwork ready? Our system also allows you to create items from scratch. Use the editor to add images and text to design your custom piece. Check back soon for pre-made templates coming soon!

HINT! One of our favorite apps is called Canva. On this app you can create and generate a complete image that can be uploaded to our site and printed straight from that image download.



We offer professional design at affordable pricing. We are very knowledgeable about designing all of our products and many more! Visit our design page to get a better idea of our work! 



Below you'll see the 3 stocks we offer; Gloss, Silk and Opaque. Each of these stocks can come in either Text weight or Cover.

Texture - The 3 stocks below look different as far as their color. That's because we're showing you the gloss amount on each card. The first one has a large glare because it's a glossy stock. The second, a medium and the last has no glare at all because it's not coated at all. The last uncoated one absorbs the color more. It may look like it's more rich in this example, but in the 2nd picture, you'll see it's actually less dense in color because it has been absorbed instead of sitting on the coating of the other 2 samples.

Weight - If you think of a magazine or book, you have a "cover" and "text" pages. Cover stocks are heavier and are less prone to bending and tearing. Your text stocks are going to be more light-weight and easier to fold. They're also going to be slightly cheaper so they're good for disposable items.